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Thu, Dec. 15th, 2005, 02:52 am

Sorry I never came back with the recipe I promised,I kept looking for it and couldn't find it which made me sad. Anyways. I have another recipe that I first tried at halloween which I've affectionatly called 'eyeballs'.

One package of whole mushrooms
mix together cream cheese bacon and green onions
stuff mushrooms with mixture and top with a sliced blackolive (can be left out, it just makes them look more like eyeballs)
bake until mushrooms are cooked. about 15-20mins at 375. Its approximate, I'm one of those cooks that just looks at stuff and thinks to myself"heh, it looks done".

Also I've found for those that like tortilla chips but won't indulge because the high carb count. If you take low-carb torillas, cut them into 8 pieces and broil until crispy on a piece of tinfoil. They make a good substitute for what you may be craving. These are good to use with salsa or hummous.

Thu, Dec. 15th, 2005 06:23 pm (UTC)

I've always like tortilla chips. I never thought about making them with low carb tortilla's. Gonna have to try that one of these days.

Fri, Dec. 16th, 2005 04:42 am (UTC)

being on this diet has made me somewhat of a mad scientist in the kitchen. I'm always trying to come up with ways I can make foods that I like but are still low in sugar and simple carbs. It's paying off so I can't complain too much.